Ramkarpal: Nhaveen’s death should be classified as murder


PETALING JAYA: Lawyer Ramkarpal Singh says the death of T Nhaveen, who died after being brutally assaulted and sodomised last Friday, should be classified as murder.

He said the case should be investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code, where those above 18 can be given the death sentence if found guilty, and those below 18 can be detained according to the pleasure of the ruler of the state.

Ramkarpal also urged the police to carry out a thorough investigation into the death of the 18-year-old, expressing his hope that justice would prevail.

“The police will have to probe the matter thoroughly. No stone should be left unturned because an innocent life has been lost just like that.

“It is such a terrible thing to happen. A young talent with a bright future – it is very unfortunate that his life had to come to an end in such an unfortunate manner,” the Bukit Gelugor MP told FMT.

Nhaveen was supposed to head to Limkokwing University to enrol in a music composing course on June 22.

Northeast district police chief ACP Anuar Omar said police were notified by the Penang Hospital that Nhaveen had died at 6pm today.

Nhaveen was assaulted by five youths with crash helmets late Friday night. The five, aged 16 to 19, have been remanded for rioting.

He suffered internal bleeding and injuries to his abdomen and private parts. He also had cigarette burn marks on his back.

His anus had been penetrated with a blunt object.

Nhaveen was placed at the brain-related intensive care unit of Penang Hospital.

Ramkarpal, who attended a candlelight vigil for the teen last night, said it was “most unfortunate for Nhaveen to have been robbed of his life in such brutal circumstances”.

He conveyed his condolences, adding that his prayers are with Nhaveen’s family during this very difficult time.

Assault victim T Nhaveen dies at Penang Hospital