Teacher sodomised me over 50 times, says student

kid-sodomisePETALING JAYA: A teacher from a school in Mukah, Sarawak, has been arrested for allegedly sodomising a student at least 50 times since 2015, The Star reported.

His arrest follows a police report made after the boy, 14, had seen another teacher to explain what had been happening because he could not take the alleged sexual assault anymore.

Police said the boy had allegedly been sodomised by the suspect since August 2015, and it had been going on until last month.

“The boy stays at the school, and used to be invited by the 42-year-old suspect to stay overnight with him in a budget hotel in Sibu since he started schooling there.

“The boy had remained silent as he feared the teacher,” Mukah OCPD Deputy Supt Jimmy Panyau was quoted as saying by the daily, adding that between February and May this year, the suspect had sodomised the boy on five separate occasions.

Detailing how the sexual assault had first started, Panyau said the boy then told police how the teacher had sodomised him in the teachers’ quarters and in a hotel in Kapit on 20 separate occasions, between August and December 2015.

“The victim also revealed that he was sodomised by the suspect about 30 times in a house in Kemuyang, in Sibu,” Panyau said, according to The Star.

The suspect is also teaching at a rural school in Kapit, where he was arrested yesterday.

“The suspect will be sent to the Mukah police station tomorrow for further investigation under Section 377 of the Penal Code,” Panyau was quoted as saying.

If convicted, the teacher could face a jail term of up to 20 years and whipping.