Actress defends herself after drawing flak over Mahathir interview

fathia-mahthirPETALING JAYA: Actress-model Nur Fathia Latiff who was panned by social media users for her naive questions during a live Facebook interview with Dr Mahathir Mohamad said she was sincere, saying the session was meant to be casual.

Fathia said she was not a journalist or a politician, and that the interview with the former prime minister was “casual and informal”.

“I’m not trying to be smart, but I genuinely wanted to ask questions which I think people want to know and things that I don’t know.

“I’m sorry if my questions did not satisfy your needs.”

The bulk of comments from some 80,000 users who tuned in for the session had criticised Fathia’s choice of questions deemed “simplistic”.

Many also mocked Fathia after the 29-year-old actress asked Mahathir the meaning of “whistleblower”.

Fathia had also told Mahathir that youngsters like her do not experience the economic hardship as claimed by the opposition, saying people were still “happy and going shopping”.

“Fathia’s questions are childlike. Easy for people who are well-to-do to go shopping even though the economy is down. Think about those who are unemployed, housewives and orphans,” said user Husna Murad.

“Host can stop”, said another user Aini Bunga, Nor Azlin Aburn said Fathia was “uneducated”, and Daud Dahlan questioned her knowledge of national issues.

In her response, Fathia said her questions came “straight from the heart” and there was no need for research.

She added she was happy to have been chosen as the moderator for the Facebook live session.

“Thank you for the opportunity,” said Fathia, who graduated in law from UiTM.