Heavens opened up when Nhaveen died

nhaveen-shantiGEORGE TOWN: It seemed like the heavens were also weeping for a soul unnecessarily snatched away from life on earth.

As assault victim T Nhaveen died at 5.30pm yesterday, it rained for 20 minutes straight right after. Many said it was odd as the sun was shining brightly just before.

Nhaveen was surrounded by his family as doctors at Penang Hospital worked desperately to resuscitate him after his heart rate dropped. Nhaveen slipped away all the same. He was only 18.

His passing sent shockwaves through a large group of well-wishers and relatives, who were gathered at the hospital.

His mother, factory worker D Shanti, 43, became hysterical upon hearing of her son’s death. She wailed and screamed as a steady stream of tears fell.

Nhaveen’s uncles also broke down on hearing the news.

Nhaveen’s best friend, T Previin however, who was hospitalised after also being assaulted, had no clue that his friend had died.

Previin is recovering from surgery on his left cheekbone after it was smashed when the attackers hit him in the face with their helmets on Friday night.

The surgery he underwent involved the grafting of a small part of a rib onto his cheekbone.

Previin, who was heavily sedated, left the operating theatre at about the same time Nhaveen died. He is stable and his friends have taken away his handphone in a bid to spare him the bad news for now.

Meanwhile the crowd gathered outside Block A of the hospital swelled as news of Nhaveen’s death spread. A large group of men with souped-up motorcycles arrived and were seen parked outside the block.

The candle wax stains from Wednesday night’s vigil were still evident on the grounds around the block when a group of 200 people chanted prayers for Nhaveen outside the window of the ward he was in.

Later, R Thiayagarajan, Nhaveen’s uncle and family spokesperson, pleaded to the press to give them space to grieve over their loss.

Family counsel Baljit Singh, who was also present, said a post-mortem would be conducted at 11pm and Nhaveen’s remains released Friday.

“I have contacted the Prosecution Unit Chief (KUP) at the public prosecutor’s office to reclassify the case as murder.

“We hope justice will prevail, let justice take its course,” the Gerakan legal and human rights bureau chief said.

Last night, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar announced in Kuala Lumpur that police had reclassified the case as murder.

Nhaveen’s wake will be held today at Hall D, United Hokkien Cemeteries funeral parlour, Jalan Batu Gantong, off Scotland Road, from 2pm onwards.

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