‘As long as lorries aren’t safe, we won’t be either’


PETALING JAYA: A motorcycle group is blaming lorry companies for many fatal accidents involving motorcyclists running over objects on the road.

This follows an Ipoh Sessions Court’s order for PLUS Malaysia Berhad (PLUS) to pay damages amounting to RM158,961.61 to the wife of an Election Commission officer who died in an accident at KM342.6 North-South Expressway, near Tapah, two years ago.

Speaking to FMT, Ikatan Silaturrahim Brotherhood chief Azlan Sani Zawawi said most of the objects which motorcyclists desperately try to avoid on the roads came from lorries.

“Bits and pieces of retread tyres make up the brunt, but then there are also things like wooden blocks which are used to keep lorries from moving downhill, as well as rocks that fly off from the back of dirty lorries,” he said.

“The other day, my car windshield was cracked due to a stone that came flying from the back of a lorry. What if it had been a motorcyclist’s face instead of my windshield?”

In the incident on April 29, 2015, Imran Kamili Ahmad Nazirin, 45, was returning to his EC office in Putrajaya on his Harley Davidson motorcycle when he hit a wooden block in the middle of the road.

Azlan said these blocks were often placed carelessly in between the body of the lorries.

When asked why companies should be blamed instead of the lorry drivers themselves, Azlan said it was the duty of the companies to ensure lorries were safe.

“They don’t care because they’re cutting corners. At the end of the day, decisions regarding safety regulations fall on the higher-ups, and if the higher-ups are not strict about safety, then it’s the company’s fault.”