Kapar MP won’t hear our side, claims Bayu College


KLANG: A college here has accused Kapar MP G Manivannan of deliberately ignoring its side of the story regarding the RM400 monthly allowances allocated to poverty-stricken students.

Last Wednesday, several students who were being sponsored under a programme by the Socioeconomic Development of Indian Community (Sedic) claimed they had not received the full RM400 monthly assistance promised to each of them while attending their courses.

They complained to Manivannan who then threatened to take legal action against Sedic and gave the federal agency which comes under the Prime Minister’s Department 48 hours to respond.

Bayu College CEO Loganathan Rajagopal, however, questioned how a parliamentarian like Manivannan could jump to conclusions without hearing both sides of the story.

“If you’re an MP, and someone complains to you that something has happened, what do you do? Do you jump to conclusions? You have to contact the other party and find out who is telling the truth,” he told FMT.

Loganathan claimed that he had called the PKR MP several times after the news broke but it seemed as though Manivannan was avoiding him.

“He gave us 48 hours to explain all the allegations, and immediately after an hour of reading the news I called him. It took one hour because I didn’t have his number and had to contact several people before I found it.

“I must have called him 40 times and was getting pissed off, but he finally answered and told me he would call me back but never did. He only messaged me again and again always saying that he would call me back later.

“So my patience ran out and I messaged him saying: ‘I’m here to answer all your questions and I have all the evidence to back my claims. Are you prepared to listen? Please be ethical and listen to both sides of the story before jumping to conclusions.’

“He then scolded me in a message saying ‘I’m an MP, you don’t even know how to respect me, and now you say I’m not ethical? It’s okay, you can go to whoever can help you and I will do things my way’,” Loganathan claimed.

Loganathan plans to hold a press conference this Monday at Bayu College where he says he will “finally tell his story” and show documents proving the college’s innocence on the issue.

“I think the reason the Kapar MP is doing this is that Sedic is run by Barisan Nasional (BN). Leave politics out of education please,” he said.

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