No sign of wholesaler producing plastic rice


ALOR SETAR: Initial investigation carried out on a rice wholesaler near here, producing a well-known brand of rice, revealed that the company used genuine rice.

This follows a viral video claiming that it used fake rice made from plastic.

Acting director of the Kedah Padi Regulatory Office, Mohd Hidzir Selamat, said following an inspection conducted by him and a team of five this morning, they found that the rice at the company’s factory came from a genuine source.

“We have taken a sample of their rice and carried out texture and iodine tests. We have even cooked the rice.

“The results reveal that the rice produced contains starch and is of pure origin.

“We have also examined the rice- clamping machinery and its premises… and no traces of fake rice were detected.

“However, we will still send a sample of the rice to the Chemistry Department to gauge its actual contents and composition which will provide a more accurate result,” he said when contacted by Bernama here today.

Hidzir also advised the public to not easily believe unverified information made viral on the social media, but to check on the information from the authorities first.