PKR questions Khalid’s friendship with top suspect detained


PETALING JAYA: PKR today asked Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar to explain why he had not taken action earlier to nab a top suspect arrested last month as the key “intermediary” or middleman in a police protection racket for vice activities in Melaka.

PKR information chief Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh said Khalid had admitted he knew the suspect, Gopinathan Krishnan, but still did not arrest him.

“It is strange that Khalid would not know about the activities of his acquaintance,” he said, saying this could tarnish the credibility of the force.

On June 14, Khalid admitted at a press conference that he and his family knew Gopinathan

Asked how close he was to Gopinathan, Khalid retorted: “Why do you want to ask to that extent? Now you ask me how close we are. Can hold hands? Can kiss? Be reasonable lah.”

Khalid said police would act against anyone involved in illegal activities even if they are known to him or his family.

The Sarawak Report web portal had claimed it was in possession of documents from sources indicating that Gopinathan was in direct telephone contact with Khalid.

The site said Gopinathan had contacted Khalid’s brother-in-law, Mohd Isa Hussin, who allegedly runs a business selling firearms and accessories, Nilai Arms. It was revealed previously that Khalid’s daughter holds a majority share in this venture.

Syed Ibrahim urged the authorities not to hesitate in taking action against any criminal, no matter what his status and position, so as to instil confidence in the authorities’ sincerity in fighting crime.