Husam accepts Kelantan MB offer

Husam-MusaKUALA LUMPUR: Amanah vice-president Husam Musa today said he accepted a proposal that he be named Kelantan menteri besar should the Pakatan Harapan coalition take over the state at the polls.

The Salor assemblyman, who won on a PAS ticket in the 2013 general election (GE13), also challenged the PAS government to name their candidate for the MB post.

However, he said he would only accept the post if the Pakatan Harapan leadership agreed to DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang’s suggestion made last week.

“For now I accept the position unless a better candidate is named,” he said at a press conference at Wisma Amanah Negara here after being asked to comment on Lim’s endorsement of him as the Kelantan MB.

Lim had said recently that Husam was a good role model for both Kelantanese and other Malaysians.

Husam then took a swipe at his former party which took issue with him being proposed as the next MB.

The former Kelantan exco then challenged PAS to name their candidate, stating that the Kelantanese had the right to know who will lead them after the next general election (GE14).

“Don’t tell me they cannot name their candidate? Instead, they rather talk about the other party’s candidate. I thank them for the compliment.”

Several PAS leaders had mocked Lim over his proposal.

The Islamist party’s vice-president Mohd Amar Nik Abdullah said Lim should focus instead on winning the state and labelled the suggestion as “weird” and an attempt to provoke its members.

PAS information chief Nasrudin Hassan said naming Husam was an attempt to fool the Kelantan people.

The current Kelantan MB is Ahmad Yakob, who took over from the late Nik Aziz Nik Mat. The party’s former spiritual leader stepped down as Kelantan MB in 2013, after being at the helm since 1990.

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