Man says sorry for kissing Shell standee


KUALA LUMPUR: A man who courted controversy after “molesting” a life-sized promotional standee at a Shell station here has apologised.

The man, who identified himself as Shahril Azmi Abdul Shukor or Abang Shahril, posted a four-minute video on Facebook admitting that he had gone overboard by kissing the standee.

“I humbly apologise over my actions against Nor Shafila Khairusalleh. I admit I crossed the line.

“If I were in her shoes, I would have felt the same way,” he said.

Shahril said the picture of him kissing the standee which had been shared in a WhatsApp group was only meant as a joke, adding that he had not expected it to go viral.

“I also wish to apologise to her husband and family members over this incident.

“If there is a need to meet up with Nor Shafila and talk to her, I will do so,” he said.

Shahril also apologised to Shell, as the company had decided to remove the standee.

“I am also a loyal customer. My purpose then was to pump petrol.

“I let the excitement get the better of me,” he said.

Shahril also asked internet users to give him a break as he had suffered enough with the comments hurled against him.

Nor Shafila, who was the face of the standee, recently expressed her disappointment over the actions of some men who had posed for photos while kissing and touching the private parts of the standee.

The 25-year-old said she had been caught off-guard by the actions, even if they had only been done to her image.

Netizens were similarly angered over the act, calling it a form of harassment.

Many felt that the actions of the individuals were undignified and had brought shame to the model, her family and her relatives.

Shell yesterday issued a statement saying that in light of recent events, it would be removing the standees from its stations with immediate effect.

'' Abg botak cabul gambar Gadis Mineral tampil mohon maaf ''.Kredit : Abg Sharil

Posted by Fuyoo Media on Tuesday, 4 July 2017