JobStreet: On-the-job skills a factor for promotions


KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian employers and employees agree that the top factor for getting job promotions in the country is on-the-job skills, findings reveal., in a statement today, said employers and companies take an average of 35 months to offer a promotion – only two months longer than the region’s average of 33 months.

“It (on-the-job skills) is followed by leadership skills and performance reviews. The two least important factors are an employee’s tenure and circle of influence.

“It is a big advantage to have both employers and employees on the same page when it comes to promotion policies.

“We recommend that employers continue to cultivate this understanding through open and transparent communication of their policies,” said its country manager Chook Yuh Yng.’s Job Promotions Report 2017 also found that only 43% of local employees receive formal job promotions, which could be due to dissatisfaction and decline in employees’ morale.

It also found that Malaysian companies offer low salary increases, an average of 17% compared with the region’s 16%-24%, while only half of employees receive additional promotion benefits such as allowances and bonuses.

The survey involved 10,389 employed individuals and 518 employers from a blend of industries and specialisations across seven countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.