Kuan’s latest way to help the poor – a RM1 ‘hotel’ in Puchong


PUCHONG: Social activist Kuan Chee Heng is back again with his wacky ideas to help the poor.

This time, he has launched a “hotel” here that costs only RM1 per night for a bed.

He said his “hotel” was meant mainly for those who come from far away to visit their sick relatives in hospitals.

“I know some people who have to sleep in their cars so that they can be near their loved ones.

“They park their cars under the hot sun and often suffer from heatstroke.

“I’m opening this hotel for the poor people so that they can have a comfortable living place.”

He launched his RM1 transit home at Taman Puchong Perdana here. The house has four rooms, fitted with mattresses laid on the floor and some double-decker bunk beds.

Kuan said the “hotel” also welcomed visitors who were victims of fires, domestic violence or senior citizens who have left their homes due to various reasons.

“I am now housing a family of three who are fire victims,” he said.

Kuan is president of the Community Oriented Policing Strategies (COPS), a group he established some years ago to do community work.

He is no stranger to helping the poor by charging only a minimal fee.

Earlier this year, he launched the 10 sen ambulance service and 10 sen library.

The ambulance service was for poor people who were bedridden and could not afford to pay for a private ambulance to go to hospital while the library was for children.

When asked what he hoped for in return from the “guests” at his “hotel”, Kuan said he hoped they would contribute to others like he did.

“I do not want anything in return for myself from people I help except for them to continue carrying out good deeds for a better Malaysia.”

Kuan, a businessman, said those in need of help could contact him through Facebook or social bodies operating at hospitals.