Monorail delays leave thousands stranded

monorail-stranded-hang-tuah-1PETALING JAYA: Rapid Rail’s monorail service was hit by delays in travel times, affecting thousands of commuters this morning.

Commuters informed FMT that they were among thousands stranded as a result of the delays.

A spokesperson for Rapid Rail, which is under government-owned Prasarana Malaysia, said that the delay was caused by one of its trains requiring urgent attention.

“We were only operating with four sets of two-car trains this morning as one had to be sent back to the depot for inspection and repair.

“As at 10am, only the KL Sentral and Hang Tuah stations had reported congestion due to the shortage of trains,” he told FMT, before adding that the repairs for the fifth train had been completed and is back on the network

“With five trains running, it should help reduce the waiting time to 8-10 minutes between trains.”

The issue with the monorail service first came to light on June 8, when Rapid Rail CEO Zohari Sulaiman said the company had been forced to ground its four-car train sets due to safety reasons.

He said the trains were suspended after Rapid Rail identified several areas of risk posed by the trains which could harm the safety of its users.

“The trains had been handed over to the supplier, Scomi, for re-examination and rectification and we have briefed the Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) on the matter,” he had said.

Rapid Rail is helping to reduce congestion due to the suspension of the four-car trains by providing a special shuttle service on its Rapid KL buses, plying key monorail stations during the morning and evening peak hours on weekdays.