SUPP denies lying, says DAP wants to hinder efforts at autonomy

Lee-Kim-Shin-supp-dapPETALING JAYA: A Sarawak-based party has questioned the opposition’s motive in attempting to deny Sarawakians their right to greater autonomy.

Sarawak United Peoples’ Party (SUPP) vice-president Lee Kim Shin said the “Malayan parties” appeared to be worried of the state government’s willingness to go the distance to ensure Sarawak’s rights to autonomy are granted.

“The Malayan opposition parties, especially DAP, have been issuing one statement after another to pour cold water on the state government’s efforts.

“This shows DAP doesn’t want to see the Sarawak government putting in more effort to reclaim our autonomy,” Lee said today.

His statement came after Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen, earlier this morning, accused SUPP of lying about a trip it allegedly made to the UK last year.

Chong had said that while SUPP denied going there to retrieve documents related to the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), a year-old news article claimed it did.

To this, Lee said Chong’s statement was “false” and misguided. This was because the article Chong was referring to, contained “misreported” and “misleading” information, he said.

“They (DAP) should have done their homework by referring to other newspapers as well. Their statement to the press was based on one particular Chinese paper which had, in a way, misreported the facts.

“DAP should have referred to other news sources instead of relying on just one source to smear our name,” said Lee.

He then reminded Chong and DAP that it was the wish of Sarawakians to have the government put in more effort to deliver them the rights promised to the state under MA63.

“The Malayan party, DAP, is worried such efforts might negate their political influence in Sarawak. That’s why they have been trying to stop, as well as dilute our efforts in this aspect.

“So we urge the people of Sarawak not to let DAP use its political strategies in weakening our efforts to reclaim our autonomy.”

SUPP president Dr Sim Kui Han, when contacted, told Chong to stop making “baseless allegations” and refer to more than just one source of news.

“As (stated) in the (other) newspapers, we never said we had sent a team to England.”