20% of Malaysians use only mobile devices to go online


PETALING JAYA: More Malaysians are using their mobile devices as their sole access to the Internet, with the ratio currently standing at 22.5% among all who go online in the country, according to comScore Malaysia.

The digital ratings agency derived that number from statistics which showed that 30.8% out of the 13.7 million mobile device users in the country, only used their tablets and smartphones to access the Internet, during the month of April.

On the other hand, comScore revealed that 50.5% of Malaysia’s total digital population of 18.8 million unique visitors accessed the Internet from both desktop and mobile platforms, Star reported.

“It is relatively high but not as high as Indonesia and India where 60% of its digital users are on mobile,” comScore Asia Pacific senior vice-president Joe Nguyen was quoted as saying.

He added that this high-level of mobile device usage was due to the greater convenience afforded by mobile applications that allow for access to news, social media, banking, shopping and other uses on smartphones and tablets.

The demographic among Malaysians when it comes to the use of mobile devices as the sole access to the internet is also skewed towards the young.

According to Star, Nguyen said Malaysian digital users between the ages of 15 to 24 mostly accessed the Internet via mobile only, while those from 24 to 35 were multi-platform (desktop and mobile).

“Seventy-four percent of Malaysia’s digital minutes were spent on the mobile platform which shows that people are spending more time on their screens,” he was quoted as saying.

ComScore measures audiences, brands and consumer behaviour.