Bring it on, Husam tells company boss involved in Kelantan deal

Husam-MusaPETALING JAYA: Amanah’s Husam Musa today welcomed legal action from a company involved in an agreement with the Kelantan state government, and challenged its CEO to state whether he was the target of a string of police reports from alleged victims of a money scam.

“It is my duty as an assemblyman to voice out such matters and to look out for the interest of the state and its people,” the Salor assemblyman, a former senior exco in the PAS administration, said.

Yesterday, Climate Protectors Sdn Bhd CEO Tang Too Siah said he reserved the right to sue Husam over allegations surrounding the company’s agreement with Kelantan, in which Husam questioned a 30-year lease of some 400,000 hectares of forest reserve in the state for a carbon trading scheme.

“Climate Protectors Sdn Bhd and I are currently seeking legal advice from our solicitors with regards to our legal rights following the statements published during a press conference as well as all the republication in newspapers or social media.

“We reserve our right to take legal action against those who are responsible for publishing or circulating such statements,” Tang had said in a statement.

Husam had questioned the scheme’s fund raising activity through the sale of digital tokens, saying it could be a scam as the company had been named by Bank Negara Malaysia for operating illegally.

The enormous forest area covers a quarter of the state’s land mass and includes a portion of Taman Negara.

Husam today upped his attacks on Tang with a list of 11 police reports filed on Tang’s namesake, adding that he had also received complaints from “Indonesia and other countries”.

“I am unable to confirm whether the claims are true or otherwise, but I hope Tang can publicly explain whether he is involved in the claims or otherwise,” the Amanah vice-president said in a statement.