Kit Siang: Hisham avoiding claim Najib paid military intelligence chief

Lim-Kit-SiangPETALING JAYA: Lim Kit Siang today took to task Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein for “going round the bush” on an allegation that the military intelligence chief received millions of ringgit from the prime minister before the last general election.

The DAP supremo accused Hishammuddin of avoiding the issue by declaring he had “nothing to hide”.

“(The issue is) why can’t Hisammuddin as defence minister confirm or deny that the money was indeed paid or not?

“Is this because Hishammudin does not want to know and dare not ask whether whistleblower site Sarawak Report is right?” said Lim who is the Gelang Patah MP.

Sarawak Report, in a recent report, claimed that Najib paid RM7 million to the director-general of the Defence Staff Intelligence Division on April 8, 2013, about a month before the 13th general election.

It also claimed the figures on the transactions came from the joint task force that had investigated 1MDB since March 2015 until it was abruptly disbanded five months later.

Yesterday, when questioned on the allegation, Hishammuddin said his ministry always focused on maintaining security and he had “nothing to hide”.

“I think the core business of the Defence Ministry has always been very clear, which is security. Not political,” he was quoted as saying.

Lim, however, said the allegation by Sarawak Report presented a “great and difficult-to-find opportunity” to prove that the website was a bearer of fake news as claimed by many in Putrajaya.