Perlis mufti: Muslims not encouraged to keep dogs at home

dr-asri-bela-anjingKANGAR: Muslims are not encouraged to keep dogs in the house, according to Perlis Mufti Mohd Asri Zainul Abidin.

He said there was a hadith (saying) from Prophet Muhammad that deemed a dog’s lick as “najis” (unclean).

“To avoid being licked by a dog which always has its tongue out, with the animal’s saliva regarded as unclean from the religious aspect and being harmful according to science, Islam forbids keeping dogs in the house without a valid reason,” said Asri on his Facebook page.

His statement was in reference to the viralled incident of a tudung-clad Muslim woman who kept her pet dog in the house and allowed the dog to lick her, after she posted it on her Facebook page.

Asri said the Prophet’s hadith, as narrated by renowned Islamic scholars Bukhari, mentioned reduced daily blessings for letting dogs into the house, except when keeping the animal (outside the house) for hunting purposes and for guarding livestock.

He said based on that hadith, keeping dogs for the reasons mentioned was deemed “makruh” (inappropriate but not a sin), although some ulama viewed it as haram (forbidden).

He added that many studies found that a dog’s bite, saliva and faeces could be detrimental to health and that was why Islam discouraged Muslims from keeping dogs as pets.