100 stray dogs threaten residents near Cowboy Market


ALOR SETAR: The presence of more than 100 stray dogs at two housing areas near Cowboy Market here is making residents uneasy and worried.

These are residents of Taman Low Ju Huat and Taman Jaya Kami.

A resident of Taman Low Ju Huat, Mahadzir Hashim, 60, said the number of stray dogs had grown since early this year.

He said these dogs slept and gathered near their houses.

“Among the main factors for the growing number of the stray dogs is that there are irresponsible people leaving their dogs at the abandoned building opposite the market.

“The situation worsened after people gave food to the stray dogs. This attracts more dogs to gather in this area,” said Mahadzir, who has been living in Taman Low Ju Huat for the past 20 years.

He said the presence of the stray dogs threatened the safety of residents, especially children and senior citizens.

The dogs also ransacked rubbish bins in search of food, spilling the contents on the road and near houses.

The residents also had to withstand the foul smell from the faeces left by the dogs.

“The sound of the dogs barking, especially at night, also disturbs our children in their studies,” he said.

Housewife Aizam Ahmad, 45, said her children were always being chased by the stray dogs and they were afraid to go outdoors.

“Sometimes we need to use firecrackers to drive the dogs away,” she said.