Refugee aid centre needs funds to carry on


KUALA LUMPUR: A refugee aid centre is facing difficulties sustaining its operations due to financial constraints.

Human Aid, a non-profit organisation aiding especially Rohingya refugees, said it faced difficulties sustaining its centre – a three-storey building in Taman Selayang.

“We are struggling to pay the monthly rent for our centre,” Selangor Human Aid vice-president Badariah Hamid told FMT.

She said they had to pay a rent of RM5,000 and utility bills of RM2,000 per month.

She said the building was the main centre for refugees, especially Rohingya, to seek help.

“We need this building so that we can continue with our charity activities.

“There are over 10,000 refugees and we are one of the main centres refugees come to seek help.”


The building, which is ideally located in the midst of city, is not only a centre, but also a school and shelter home for refugees. Currently, there are 120 tenants, mostly young adults.

“We are hoping more people will be aware of our charitable activities and will be willing to invest in our cause.”

Badariah also said they were in dire need of transportation to send refugees to hospitals.

“We need vehicles to help us transport refugees needing emergency medical attention.

“Right now, we have to rely on Uber or Grab,” said Badariah.

Badariah was speaking during a Raya open house event held at its centre, with over 500 refugees participating.

A free medical check-up was held for the refugees, in collaboration with Imam Response and Relief Team (Imaret), which has consistently held monthly free clinics at the centre for the past two years.

Human Aid is an organisation which offers aid to the marginalised and vulnerable sectors of the population in Malaysian society.

The organisation also coordinates an informal school for refugee children called Rainbow of Love, monthly Garage Giveaways of food and non-food items, and  free medical check-ups.