CCTV footage showed Balamurugan disoriented at times

Detective Corporal Yusri Romly.

PUTRAJAYA: CCTV footage of detainee S Balamurugan, 44, at the Shah Alam centralised lockup were shown today, revealing the state of his condition less than 12 hours before he died.

The footage starts at 3.30am and ends at 9.30am on Feb 7.

It starts with Balamurugan being brought in from the Klang Utara district police headquarters before going to the Klang Magistrate’s Court.

He was seen walking in slowly and appearing to be disoriented at times.

He and another five detainees were then taken to cell number 13.

At 3.55am, the detainees were told to change into lockup uniforms with Balamurugan needing assistance to change his pants.

He was also seen walking aimlessly in and out of the cell before it was locked up after the change of clothes.

At about 6.10am and again at 6.45am, Balamurugan woke up from sleep and used the toilet twice, both times unassisted.

At 8am, morning lockup staff checked on the detainees again. Balamurugan was seen sitting while others were standing.

Later, the detainees were asked to change their lockup outfit into their own clothes to be taken to court.

Balamurugan was seen unable to do so and a juvenile named Ang was seen assisting him.

At 9.30am, Balamurugan seemed disoriented and needed assistance to walk out of the lockup to proceed to the Klang magistrate’s court.

Detective Corporal Yusri Romly, who received Balamurugan after his remand was rejected by the Klang court, said Balamurugan was in a critical condition when he arrived at Klang Utara district police headquarters on Feb 7.

“He was very weak and had dried blood at the corners of his mouth.

“I kept him in front to monitor him as he appeared very ill.

“He did not even drink the water I gave him. Instead, he placed the bottle under his head to lie down,” he told the public hearing.

The public hearing is being held by the Enforcement Agency Integrity Commission (EAIC) and is headed by its chairman, Yaacob Md Sam.

It is being held to determine if there was any police misconduct in the death of Balamurugan on Feb 7.

Yusri said he had alerted the investigating officer (IO) in charge of Balamurugan’s case.

“I was not informed that Balamuraugan’s remand had been rejected.

“When I left the station at 7pm, he was still sitting in front.”

Yusri said he had asked the IO to inform Balamurugan’s family about his condition and left the station at 7pm. He returned at 9.15pm.

At 10.10pm, he said he was informed of Balamurugan’s death.

The hearing continues tomorrow.

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