Warisan dismisses Max Ongkili’s multi-party success claim


PENAMPANG: Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) today dismissed the contention by Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) acting president Maximus Ongkili that a multi-party type of governance is the best for Sabah.

According to Penampang Warisan women wing’s chief Mary June Kinsuat, contrary to what Ongkili had argued, a multi-party government, in fact, had been the main reason why inefficiency is prevalent in the state.

“I cannot understand how an executive decision or policy made by seven different parties, with differing political ideologies that sit in the state cabinet, can be different from one issued by a single party governing the state,” she said in a statement.

“But what makes it even funnier is that, at the end of the day, this so-called multi-party Sabah BN will still have to refer to (prime minister) Najib Razak on many important matters that directly affect Sabah, such as the royal commission of inquiry on illegal immigrants in Sabah, the Malaysian Agreement 1963 and the cabotage policy.”

She said there had been no empirical evidence or data confirming that this multi-party governance had made Sabah progressive or prosperous.

“In fact, Sabah has hit the bottom as one of the poorest states from day one this multi-party pact started governing the state until now despite we being the richest (under the Berjaya rule).

“Until now, tens of thousands of Sabahan youths are still migrating to the peninsula in search of jobs, a trend that started in the mid-1990s.

“Max is unashamedly boasting that multi-party governance is the best for Sabah because the interests of the different communities in Sabah are being protected.

“Max should know it well that the only community that has enjoyed great benefit and progressed under his beloved multi-party system are the illegal immigrants granted citizenship under Projek IC.

“Nearly 200,000 illegal immigrants (more unaccounted for) are roaming freely in the state, all due to the inability of Max’s multi-party government to take a decisive stand on a permanent solution.

“At the same time, Max continues playing the old record that his party is consistent on that issue.”

Mary said an effective and efficient administration requires a single-party governance that will work together with sanctioned bodies representing major and sub-ethnic groups in Sabah.

“It is up to us to consider a very important question: if multiracial governance is the best way for Sabah, then why are we seeing so many ethnic-based NGOs sprouting all over Sabah and dashing to the assistance of their respective ethnic groups due to the fear of being sidelined?

“Does this not tell us that BN’s multi-party system has failed miserably in this state that has 48 different ethnic groups?

“Will not the most effective, efficient and fair system be by having a single-party governance that will take into account all the inputs and views of these many NGOs and associations representing these 48 different ethnic groups in Sabah, something which Warisan has in mind?”

Mary also reminded Ongkili the pleas made by Sabahans to BN component parties prior to the last election that had left a lasting impact.

“He should remember it well that Sabahans back then pleaded with the leaders of PBS, Upko and PBRS to cast away their egos and unite under a single party within BN.

“But the leaders would not listen and in an attempt to pacify the growing discontentment back then, they merely came out with the idea of Tataba (a church initiative to promote unity among the Kadazandusun Murut community).

“And as a result, Sabahans punished both PBS and Upko while their Tataba has long but gone after the last general election.

“Now, sensing that PBS is losing large support on the ground, Max can now only rely on the multi-party system which ironically is a system the Orang Asal in Sabah despise.”

Mary believed that this 14th general election will be the worst election ever for PBS, surpassing MCA’s performance in 2013.

“It is incumbent for Orang Asal in Sabah to decide whether they are still going to vote for PBS or give the chance to the young leaders in Warisan to right what is wrong in Sabah.”