Kelantan speaker rejects motion to debate carbon trading agreement

Abdullah-Ya’kub-carbon-agreementKOTA BHARU: The Kelantan legislative assembly today rejected a motion proposed by Mohd Adhan Kecik (BN-Bukit Bunga) to debate the issue of the carbon trading agreement between the state government and Climate Protectors Sdn Bhd.

Speaker Abdullah Ya’kub when deciding on the matter said even though it was a public interest issue, it was not an urgent matter.

“I was informed that the state government is currently looking into the matter… therefore I reject the motion,” he said at the sitting of the state legislative assembly at the Kota Darul Naim Complex here.

Earlier, Adhan when proposing the motion suggested that the state government postpone the agreement with the company without waiting for the completion of the two-year study period previously proposed by the state government.

When met by reporters outside the sitting hall, Adhan expressed his disappointment over the rejection, saying that the motion was being brought after the agreement signed last year was found to be dubious.

“At the assembly last March, I raised the same question and the state government through Menteri Besar (Ahmad Yakob) himself replied that they had done what was necessary such as the feasibility studies and others.

“They (the state government) were confident the company would bring revenue to the state government until in last year’s budget.

“They were expecting RM50 million revenue from the agreement but until now we do not see any outcome contributed to the state government,” he said.

Before this, Amanah vice-president Husam Musa claimed the Kelantan government approved one million acres (404,685 hectares) of permanent forest reserves to Climate Protectors Sdn Bhd to conduct the project.

Husam questioned the company’s qualifications to manage the carbon agreement with the state government which allegedly did not obtain approval from Bank Negara Malaysia for operations.