Carbon trading firm: Husam says can’t locate office at given address

husam-climate1PETALING JAYA: Amanah vice-president Husam Musa today questioned the existence of a company involved in a controversial one million acre land deal in Kelantan.

He said this after failing to locate its offices.

He said the company in question had listed two different addresses in Kuala Lumpur on its website and in an agreement.

Climate Protectors’ Kota Bahru address had been mentioned by Entrepreneurial Development, Commerce and Unity Committee chairman Anuar Tan Abdullah at the state assembly.

“A world-class company operating under United Nations’ mechanism is operating without an office despite claiming it has one. So strange!” the Salor assemblyman said in a statement.

Husam’s latest salvo at the Kelantan government comes a little over a week after he questioned the PAS-led administration’s approval of one million acres of forest reserve for a carbon trading project to a company which has no permit from Bank Negara Malaysia.

According to the former PAS leader, the enormous forest area, covering a quarter of the state’s land mass and including a portion of Taman Negara, was approved to a company specialising in renewable and sustainable energy under a 30-year concession.

But Husam said the company and its associate were listed on Bank Negara’s website on June 23 as companies operating without the central bank’s approval.

This was despite Kelantan Menteri Besar Ahmad Yakob gloating about the project last month.

Husam said he had visited the site located at Bangunan MPKB, Pasar Berek 12, Kota Bharu, but could not find any office.

“So how did the YB (elected representative) make such a declaration without verifying the facts?

“This means he lied in the state assembly.”

Husam added that to manage one million acres of forest reserve for a carbon trading project required a lot of personnel and tech and should, at the very least, have one person to handle enquiries.

“Is it a virtual company or are we being taken for a ride?”