DAP to RoS: Give us a letter in next 48 hours, or else…

gobind-singh_ros_dap_600PETALING JAYA: Gobind Singh has demanded the Registrar of Societies’ (RoS) to declare if it will indeed send any official notification to DAP over the order to hold a fresh election for its central executive committee (CEC), giving the agency 48 hours to respond.

It has been five days since the RoS released a media statement calling for the fresh party polls but it has not followed it up with an official letter as per standard procedure in dealing with all bodies registered under the agency.

“I am appalled by the conduct of the RoS in its handling of its probe into the DAP.

“The ROS has not served on the DAP any letter directing us to hold fresh re-elections as at 1pm this afternoon. Again I ask, where is the letter?

“ROS should not play games with us. Don’t issue media statements then keep quiet. Be reasonable. This is conduct most unprofessional on the part of the ROS,” Gobind said in a strongly-worded statement.

Reiterating the comments he made on his Facebook page yesterday, the DAP national legal bureau chairman said the delays on the part of the ROS will prejudice the party, as time is of the essence in matters of this nature.

“I ask the RoS to state if or not a letter will be sent. If not, are we supposed to act on the strength of their media statement issued last Friday itself?

“I give the RoS 48 hours. If it doesn’t either by letter or otherwise respond by end of office hours this Friday, DAP will have no choice but to consider its options to deal with this position.

“We cannot hold a fresh re-election without official communication from the ROS to that effect. That remains my stand in the matter. Forcing us to do so would be most unreasonable,” Gobind said, adding that the letter is absolutely essential.

Gobind, who is Puchong MP, said it is the responsibility of RoS to set out clearly any decision made and the orders or directions that the party needs to comply with.

Last Saturday, following the RoS media statement released on Thursday, DAP held a press conference announcing that it will not hold a fresh election, but will seek a meeting with the RoS.

DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng pointed out that the party had already conducted a re-election in 2013 as directed by the RoS.

Lim added that the party had also informed the RoS of the re-election results, which involved 2,576 qualified delegates.

“Therefore, the question of a fresh election does not arise,” he said, adding that they were still keen to meet with the RoS, to discuss the issue at hand and the latest decision which came three years after what was thought to be an end to the matter.

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