Subang DAP youth leader denies quitting over ‘gay iftar’

numan-afifi-dap-flag-benderaPETALING JAYA: The founding president of a lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights group, has quit his posts in DAP after having organised a “gay iftar” last month, MalayMailOnline (MMO) reported.

Numan Afifi, of Pelangi Campaign, told the news portal that he had quit his post as Subang DAP Youth (Dapsy) publicity secretary on June 15, as well as from the party’s Sekolah Demokrasi, where he was employed to help organise programmes and to maintain its website.

Sekolah Demokrasi is an organisation under the DAP that educates youths about democracy and politics.

Numan however, denies being forced to quit from his posts by the party following the controversy raised after the “gay iftar” breaking of fast event on June 10, organised by Pelangi Campaign.

“I think for the cause I’m doing, I don’t want it to be affected by politics. So I think it’s best for the activism I’m doing to not be influenced by politics,” Numan told MMO, adding that he remains a DAP member.

Two DAP youth leaders also denied that the party had anything to do with Numan’s decision to quit from his posts.

“He resigned on his own initiative,” DAPSY chief Wong Kah Woh was quoted as saying, and this was backed by DAPSY national vice-publicity secretary Rajiv Rishyakaran. Wong is state assemblyman for Canning, in Perak, while Rajiv is Selangor state assemblyman for Bukit Gasing.

In a statement to FMT after the event, Pelangi Campaign said the “gay iftar” was aimed at uniting the community made up of people from varied backgrounds.

“Our objective is to return to our roots and promote dialogue between us while recognising our respective beliefs, cultures and identities so as to widen mutual love,” Pelangi Campaign said.

The event was criticised by some quarters, including preacher Hassan Mahmud Al-Hafiz, who accused the organiser of belittling Allah’s laws.

“People observing the fast must follow all of Allah’s commands and the fast encompasses all our actions.

“Now, here is a group which rejects Allah’s laws but accepts other laws. This must not be allowed in Islam,” Hassan was reported to have said.