IGP disagrees JB haven for sex-starved Singaporeans

khalid-abu-bakar-pelacuran-singapura-jb-1KUALA LUMPUR: Police today questioned a report claiming that Johor Bahru was a destination of sex-starved Singaporeans, saying Malaysian authorities were more strict in laws against prostitution.

“If prostitution in Singapore is legal, why should they travel to Johor when it is easier to find one there?” Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters today.

He was responding to a report by China Press, which said that a street in Johor Bahru had now earned the reputation as a red-light district as “older men” from Singapore head there to seek services from Vietnamese and Chinese prostitutes.

The report said coffee shops on the street became meeting places for clients, where girls decked in revealing attire approach the “uncles”, as they are called.

The report also quoted a Singaporean who said he and his friends would head to Johor Bahru at least once a week in search of these women, spending between RM80 and RM150 each time.

Khalid said while prostitution existed in Malaysia, authorities had been able to contain it.

“Prostitution can be found in any part of the world, which is why we need to curb the vice,” he added.