MACC to focus on logging, bauxite mining in Pahang


KUANTAN: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) will continue to focus on curbing corruption related to critical sectors such as logging and bauxite mining in Pahang.

Pahang MACC director Alias Salim said the fight against corruption should be intensified to raise public confidence in the agency and to plug leakages in the government’s procurement sector.

“We are serious because leakages involving the government’s procurement, development and construction sectors as well as logging and bauxite mining have had a major impact on national revenue.

“The focus is on the role of the middlemen who often take advantage and make profits for themselves or for interested parties who are the source of corruption and abuse of power,” he told reporters after the hand-over of duty by former Pahang MACC director Tan Kang Sai today.

It was witnessed by MACC Investigation Department director Simi Abdul Ghani.

Alias, the former director of the Integrity Division at the Immigration Department, began his duty on July 3 to replace Tan who was appointed Head of Integrity at the health ministry.

Alias said 16 government agencies, the private sector and NGOs in Pahang had signed the Corruption Free Pledge, including the state government and the Pahang Football Association (PBNP).

He said he hoped MACC’s efforts to curb corruption and educate the public on corruption would receive the support of all parties, including the media, which he described as the most effective medium to reach out to the public.

“Media reports can help to realise the MACC’s aim to eradicate corruption right down to the grassroots.”