Mahathir: Jobs, scholarships await if PH sweeps into power


GEORGE TOWN: Dr Mahathir Mohamad today promised more scholarships for students and more job opportunities if Pakatan Harapan (PH) sweeps into power in the coming general election.

The chairman of the opposition pact said once it gained control of Putrajaya, it would fix the economy and restore its financial status.

“Believe us when we say we can do all this, as we have experience in administrating a country. That is why we have formed PH,” Mahathir told a 1,000-strong crowd at the Penang PPBM Hari Raya open house here today.

Mahathir said PH wanted to work for the people and help them shoulder their burden, especially when it came to the rising cost of living.

He said he knew the ruling government would do anything to win, including blocking opposition candidates from contesting.

“But the people should realise that the vote for PH is a vote for themselves as Malaysians, as PH can administer well, redevelop our country and work hard to clear our debts without burdening the rakyat,” Mahathir said.