Perkasa: Don’t grant Bumi status to Indian Muslims to win votes

Ibrahim-Ali-perkasa1KUALA LUMPUR: Perkasa told the government today not to act hastily to grant Bumiputera status to Indian Muslims just to win votes ahead of the 14th general election.

The NGO’s president, Ibrahim Ali, said the proposal should be studied in detail based on provisions in the Federal Constitution and the implications.

“Don’t rush merely to win political support because there are implications.

“Now it’s Indian Muslims … what about Muslim converts if they too demand Bumiputera status? There will be chaos. Providing facilities to Indian Muslims is all right, but not necessarily recognising them as Bumiputeras,” he said at Perkasa’s Raya event.

Prime Minister Najib Razak was reported last Tuesday as saying the government would study a proposal by the Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (Permim) to gazette the community as Bumiputeras.

Ibrahim said Indian Muslims could not be recognised as Bumiputeras according to provisions in the Constitution.

“There is no provision to grant them such status and I hope Indian Muslims would not misunderstand my stand as I am also a Muslim.

“I would support if I could, but any support must be based on the Constitution. Don’t create an issue, otherwise other communities will also make requests,” he said.