Use same Touch ‘n Go card for MRT Park and Ride flat rate

Najmuddin-Abdullah-touchnGoPETALING JAYA: Mass Rapid Transit Corporation Sdn Bhd (MRT Corp) has reminded users of its Park and Ride facilities for the new Sungai Buloh-Kajang (SBK) line that they will be able to enjoy the RM4.30 per entry charge, provided they use the same Touch ‘n Go card at all entrances and exits.

Its strategic communications and stakeholder relations director Najmuddin Abdullah said passengers have to follow several steps in using the same card to enter the Park and Ride, and to get on the train.

“The same card used to enter the Park and Ride has also got to be used at the fare gates of the station before boarding the MRT train because this is the only way that we can differentiate who has parked and ridden on the train, and who has not,” he said.

He said those who fail to use the same card will be charged the full standard hourly parking rate.

He said cases of those who used the Park and Ride and were charged the hourly rate were mainly due to them taking the train using a different card or by buying a token.

Najmuddin said the conditions applied only to the facilities at the Sungai Buloh, Phileo Damansara, Maluri, Taman Midah, Taman Suntex, Bandar Tun Hussein Onn, Bukit Dukung and Sungai Jernih stations.

He said parking facilities elsewhere were owned and operated by external parties.

He added that on the return journey, users must also ensure that the same Touch ‘n Go card is used to exit the station, and then to exit the Park and Ride.

“Please take note that tapping in during the first journey and tapping out during the return journey have to take place at the same station, which is the MRT station that is attached to the Park and Ride,” he said in a statement today.

“We have had instances where a user took the train at a station attached to a Park and Ride, and then returned to the Park and Ride by bus. This will result in the standard hourly rate being charged.”

In addition to this, on the return trip there is a time limit of two hours between a user tapping out of the fare gates at the MRT station and exiting the Park and Ride, Najmuddin said.

Users should also be aware that they will be charged the hourly rate if they exit the fare gates of the same station that they entered, but without getting out at another station, even if they used the same card for the Park and Ride.

Najmuddin said MRT Corp would add more signage to explain these requirements.

“In view of the situation, we urge those who have used the Park and Ride and complied with the steps mentioned above, except for the step about using the same card to ride on the train, to seek refunds from MRT Corp,” he said.

The MRT Corp’s parking operations unit can be contacted at 03-20815328/5330, and by email at [email protected]

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