Sri Gombak folks peeved by recurring blackouts


PETALING JAYA: A series of unscheduled power outages over eight days has left residents of Sri Gombak in Kuala Lumpur fuming.

They are also frustrated because no reason has been given by Tenaga National Berhad (TNB) for these incidents.

The residents say they have been hit by at least four blackouts since July 17 with each lasting for about an hour on average. The longest was for three hours on Friday.

Maimunah Saadon, 31, said she was severely affected by the blackouts as she worked from home as a freelance translator and depended heavily on the Internet to get her job done.

“I get paid by the hour because I’m hired on a freelance basis. Having no electricity affects me more than anything because that’s my income,” she said.

“When the electricity is off, my Wi-Fi is not working.

“The company I am attached to is in Australia and they are probably wondering if I’m slackening because I’ve been using the same ‘excuse’ so frequently now,” Maimunah told FMT.

The resident of Taman Sri Gombak Fasa 6 said TNB was responsive to her complaints to restore power, but no reason was provided for the blackouts.

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, recalled that the blackouts took place on July 17, 19 and 20, as well as at around noon today, adding that it was unprecedented for power failures to occur this often.

The situation was also made more worrying since no reasons were given for it and there was no indication if today’s blackout would be the last.

He said that at the very least, some answers should be provided as to why the outages were occurring and when it would end, although he was grateful for TNB’s prompt response when a call was made to restore power.

“I found their customer care-line to be helpful and professional. They also replied to my comment on their Facebook page politely,” he told FMT.

Juayriah Jalaluddin said as customers who faithfully settled their TNB’s bills, it was frustrating for them when the blackouts kept occurring without explanation.

“You can understand why we are frustrated and emotional as well, because it is not like we don’t pay the bills every month,” she said, adding that it would be more understandable if it happened only once or twice a month instead of every other day.

FMT has contacted TNB for comment and is awaiting a reply.