3 students claim fitness coach sodomised, molested them

Gan-Tian-Kee-sodomisedIPOH: Three students of a secondary school here have claimed that they were sodomised and molested by the school football team’s part-time fitness coach-cum-physiotherapist.

Perak Criminal Investigation Department chief Gan Tian Kee said the boys, aged between 14 and 15, lodged police reports on Monday.

He also said the three victims claimed that the incidents took place between May 2016 and March this year at the coach’s house and at hotel room(s).

“The man, who was working on a part-time basis at the school for almost 10 years, would give a pill to the victims on the pretext of gaining body mass.

“After taking the pill, the victims would become semi-conscious and be sodomised… The suspect would also perform oral sex on the victims.

“After that, the victims would be taken to buy items such as mobile phones, clothes, pants and shoes,” he said in a statement here today.

Gan said police were now still identifying other victims who might have been sodomised and molested by the suspect.