Boy, 7, raped my six-year-old daughter, claims mother

child-abuse-polis-seven-six-1-1MELAKA: A single parent has lodged a police report that her daughter, six, was raped by a boy, seven.

The case has raised the question of whether a boy at this age can rape anyone.

Given the ages of the children involved, the police are handling the case with great sensitivity.

Melaka CID chief Senior Assistant Commissioner Kamaluddin Kassim was quoted by The Star as saying that a 30-year-old woman lodged the report on July 20.

She claimed her six-year-old daughter had complained of pain soon after returning from her babysitter’s house on the night of July 19.

According to the report, the girl would usually stay at the babysitter’s house near her kindergarten until her mother picked her up after work in the evening.

When her daughter complained of pain, the mother checked and found red marks on her private parts.

The girl, according to the report, told her mother that the “pipit” (bird) of “abang” (the babysister’s son) had caused the pain.

The girl had also claimed the boy had inserted his fingers into her vagina when the adults were away, The Star reported.

A medical report from the Melaka Hospital revealed that there was a fresh hymen tear.

Police then summoned the parents of both children for questioning. Kamaluddin has directed his officers to be extra tactful in handling the case, as it involves young children.

The report said dolls were used by the police in the process of recording statements from the two children.

It quoted a doctor from Jasin, Dr M Jegamurugan, as saying it was possible for a seven-year-old boy to have an erection. He said he had come across cases of young boys who experienced an erection at that age, but they would not be able to ejaculate until they reached puberty.

He said if a child had an erection, it would have lasted briefly, not to the extent of penetration.

“It is very rare for penetration to happen among very young boys, although there have been such cases, which are mostly attributed to surroundings and upbringing,” he was quoted as saying by The Star.