AirAsia steward makes teh tarik at 36,000 feet

Ganesh-Air-AsiaPETALING JAYA: Ten years ago, Malaysia sent its first astronaut into space and then changed its mind about asking him to make teh tarik there.

But it seems that the Malaysian dream of making the beverage in mid-air dies hard, with video footage emerging of an AirAsia steward making teh tarik for a passenger onboard a flight.

The video was posted on Instagram yesterday by AirAsia Group chief executive officer Tony Fernandes.

“Check our our talented Ganesh. Making the best teh tarik at 36,000 feet,” Fernandes said in the post.

The video shows the air steward pouring hot water into a paper cup and “pulling” the tea with another cup.

“You want some?” he says to the camera, smiling as he hands the drink to the passenger.

The video had been viewed more than 36,000 times at the time of writing.

Many users commented on the clip, calling it amazing.

“Next..roti terbang…” said pakcik_pd.

One user said he had witnessed it on a flight to Maldives last month, while another said the steward had made teh tarik for him on a flight from Yogyakarta to Kuala Lumpur.

Some expressed concern over safety, saying a sudden bout of turbulence could have proven disastrous. However, others pointed out that the steward had checked his surroundings before proceeding to make the tea, and that the seat beside him was empty at the time.