Technician stuck atop utility pole due to hornets


KUALA LIPIS: An employee of a telecommunications company who was scaling a substation pole became “stuck” at 33-metres height after he encountered hornets nesting on the pole.

Kuala Lipis Fire and Rescue Department chief Haslizan Ramli said the incident occurred when the victim and his colleague were carrying out substation maintenance at Pagar Sesak here at 2.15pm yesterday.

He said the 23-year-old victim, who was followed closely by his younger colleague on the ascent, came across the hornet’s nest when he was 20 metres high.

“His colleague quickly descended after he was stung by a hornet but the victim who decided to climb up higher to avoid the stinging insects finally had difficulty coming down,” he told reporters here today.

Haslizan added that six rescuers in two engines were rushed to the scene soon after the department was alerted to the incident at 2.30pm.

“Within an hour the victim was brought down to safety with the use of protective jackets, safety harnesses and insecticides,” he said, adding that the team destroyed the hornet’s nest before leaving.