Tired of waiting, See-To to send legal letter to Guan Eng


PETALING JAYA: Barisan Nasional Strategic Communications (BNSC) Deputy Director Eric See-To today said he has yet to receive any legal correspondence from Lim Guan Eng following the Penang chief minister’s announcement of wanting to sue him earlier this month.

“As of today, almost four weeks after his threat to sue, I have yet to receive any legal letter from YAB Lim Guan Eng or his lawyers,” See-To said.

He said he was “tired of waiting” and had instructed his lawyers to issue a letter of demand to Lim by next week to comply with his own demands, failing which he would commence a legal suit against Lim.

The suit was to ensure Lim took responsibility for what he said before and not simply accuse others of defaming him, See-To said, adding that he had not defamed Lim.

“Instead of threatening to sue and attempting to discredit me, actually replying to our questions would have been more democratic,” he said in a statement today.

“It is also to send a message to him that he cannot and must not be allowed to repeatedly use legal avenues to silence his critics or the media organisations who are just doing their job to carry the messages of his critics,” he added.

In a statement on July 2, Lim’s office had said he had “no choice” but to sue the parties behind a claim that he had made veiled threats against Penangites in stating the state’s i-Sejahtera welfare programme would be affected if he was imprisoned.

It named the New Straits Times (NST) and See-To as being involved in “malicious and vicious lies”.

See-To was quoted by the NST as saying on July 1 that BNSC strongly condemned the “veiled threat which we see as an attempt by Guan Eng to mock and undermine our legal system.”

“According to a news report, the Penang CM had warned that his prosecution for corruption puts the state administration’s welfare programmes on the line and that the needy in Penang will suffer,” he was quoted as saying.

“Penang is bigger than Lim and the chief minister should stop having this inflated opinion about himself,” he was reported as saying.

See-To said today that he had issued a denial against the July 2 statement by Lim’s office on the very same day, where he provided a link to Lim’s official statement the day before, proving that he had said such words.

He also said he would demand that Lim and/or his office prove that he had ever issued a statement that said Lim had made such a statement or a speech on July 1 at the DAP Penang Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House in Jawi, Nibong Tebal as alleged.

He said he wanted Lim and/or his office to prove that the following statement did not come from his press statement on July 1: “Ordinary Penangites Know What Is At Stake Is Pakatan’s i-Sejahtera Program From A Clean Government. These ordinary Penangites are angry that the leader of a clean government is now charged for corruption and that the RM400 million contributions under i-sejahtera program is under threat.”