Perkasa dares Penang govt to prove Malays not sidelined

PerkasaPERMATANG PAUH: Perkasa today challenged the Penang government to provide evidence that the Malays in the state were not sidelined and that their wellbeing was taken care of.

Its president, Ibrahim Ali, said the state government must also explain how far the issues faced by the Malays were being championed and resolved.

“What kind of aid and assistance did they give (to the Malays)? Show us some evidence so that we will stop making noise.

“This is because we have heard so many stories about hawkers’ stalls, if opened and operated by Malays, will be demolished by the Penang Island City Council,” he told reporters after opening the Penang Malay Congress here today.

Ibrahim also asked the state government to provide accurate facts and figures concerning the construction of temples and churches in the state, which has been seen to be unfair, to avoid misunderstanding and racial tension.

“We want to see the percentages. The DAP-led government must provide accurate facts and figures and if it is true (that they gave more allocations for temples and churches), why? We just want all races (in Penang) to be treated fairly,” he said.