Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu – a moving tribute to 60th Merdeka Day

sempena-merdeka-david-ahkau-1PETALING JAYA: If there is only one thing you do this year in honour of Malaysia’s independence, make sure it’s watching this music video by three of the country’s best known music artistes.

Sending the message that deep and lasting friendships do surpass race, religion and culture, the six-minute 18-second music video tells the moving and often comical tale of three young misfits, born on Merdeka Day 60 years ago, who become more like brothers than friends through the years.

A collaboration by three artistes – newcomer Aniq, the often controversial Namewee, and the legendary David Arumugam of Alleycats – the video shows how three boys, Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu share their lives together despite being of different races.

The boys are notoriously naughty, play truant at school, fail their exams, are dismal at their jobs and continuously get into tight spots they can’t get out of. However despite their differing races, they remain firm friends, get married and start families of their own, without losing sight of the value of friendship above all else.

The song, with lyrics in Malay, touch the heart of what being Malaysian is all about.

Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu bersama
Kawan selama-lamanya
Satu hati, satu jiwa
Kita semua rakyat Malaysia
Tak kira darah dan warna
Hanya satu impian satu negara

(Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu together as one, great friends forever, one heart and one soul, We are all Malaysian, regardless of colour and blood, there’s only one dream and one country)

Apart from the meaningful story and lyrics, the melody is so instantly captivating it’s hard not to sing along by the first chorus.

The actors too do an excellent job in conveying the three boy’s friendship in an endearing and humorous manner.

The video is a must-watch for every disillusioned Malaysian, jaded by the constant squabbles over race and religion that dominate the news and only serve to divide us.

The music video is produced by Peter Chong and Namewee, who also directed, wrote and composed it.

In a video about “The making of Ali, Ah Kao and Muthu”, Namewee said he came upon those specific names as it was often used in the school’s textbooks that students grew up with.

“I think these names give us the same common memories. It’s the character’s frequently used in textbooks in Malaysia.

“Since small we have learned that Malaysia is a multiracial country. That’s where my inspiration came from.”

Speaking about the music video, Aniq said, “I feel this is a great song in terms of its melody and music.”

David, who Namewee heaped praises on and described as a “legend”, said it was wonderful working with Namewee, and added, “I love the song, the lyrics, and it’s beautiful for the nation.”