‘BN desperately trying to paint a bad picture of Pakatan-led states’

Syerleena-bnPETALING JAYA: DAP’s Syerleena Abdul Rashid has accused Barisan Nasional (BN) of being desperate in its attempts to paint a “horrible” picture of Pakatan Harapan state governments in Penang and Selangor.

The Star quoted Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Azalina Othman as saying that the Pakatan Harapan governments in Penang and Selangor should not claim credit for every development because the states were already successful.

After launching the Kapar Umno Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings’ divisional meetings in Klang on Sunday, Azalina said DAP-led Penang was not built from ground zero and the foundations for development in PKR-led Selangor were laid during BN’s leadership.

Speaking to FMT, Syerleena, who is Penang DAP assistant publicity secretary, said there was no doubt that both Penang and Selangor had contributed “immensely” to Malaysia’s economic growth.

“Both states, as we all know, are led by Pakatan Harapan state governments and, of course, BN will want to paint a horribly negative image.”

She claimed under Pakatan Harapan, both Selangor and Penang had managed to thrive far beyond BN-led states.

“Perhaps it may be perceived as us inheriting the ‘success of BN’ but what propels us to greater heights is good governance.

“Under Pakatan Harapan, Penang has reduced debt to RM69 million which is the lowest in the country.

“Now compare that to BN-led states such as Pahang where the debt is currently RM2.9 billion and Sabah where the debt is RM2.3 billion,” said Syerleena.

She added that the debt in PAS-led Kelantan was currently at RM1.3 billion.

“Through good governance, Penang now enjoys a budget surplus.

“That money is channelled back into society by upgrading and repairing infrastructure, welfare programmes and financial aid, among others.”

She said that maintaining an existing structure was not easy, adding that improving it to the point where there were tangible results was “remarkable”.

“Demonising Penang and Selangor is expected of BN. They have run out of bullets and are frantically trying to latch on to the most absurd of fallacies such as ‘reminding’ Malaysians of such trivial matters.

“Instead of making such comments, BN should focus on more pressing issues such as the economy, job opportunities and education.

“BN should also address rampant corruption, more so the allegations surrounding 1MDB.”

* Ivy Chong contributed to this article.