Warisan: Musa’s allegations against Shafie will backfire

Loretto-Padua-Jr-Musa-AmanKOTA KINABALU: Accusations of incompetence against Parti Warisan Sabah president Shafie Apdal actually expose a “culture of inefficiency” in Sabah BN, the party said in a statement today.

Warisan secretary-general Loretto Padua Jr was responding to Sabah BN chairman Musa Aman’s allegation that Shafie was a failed and wasteful minister during his tenure as federal rural and regional development minister.

Loretto said the chief minister had made wild and baseless accusations without any documentary evidence that confirmed Shafie was a failed minister.

“I do think that Sabahans are getting bored with Musa’s favourite accusation that Shafie only provided water and electrical facilities such as poles, wires, pipes, pump houses, etc, but neglected the supplies that, we all knew, should have been provided by the state government.

“The admission by Musa that Tongod villagers had complained to him about the absence of electricity supply despite having electrical poles and wires tells us that Shafie had indeed done his part by providing the facilities.

“From thereon, Musa was supposed to have ensured the state government provided the electricity supply.

“This is the same scenario at Pulau Gaya when Musa accused Shafie of being responsible why no water had been provided to villagers in that island despite Shafie’s ministry having prepared all the necessary facilities.

“The wasteful projects, as alleged by Musa, actually depict a ‘culture of inefficiency’ on the part of the slow-moving Sabah BN that has ruled the state for more than 20 years.”

Loretto recalled that Shafie’s ministry had been praised by the government’s Performance Management and Delivery Unit (Pemandu) as the top achiever in terms of meeting Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets.

He said Shafie managed to turn the ministry into a superb and highly efficient organisation that focused on increasing seven-fold the pace of development of rural areas in Malaysia.

“I believe hundreds of thousands of Sabahans still remember that Shafie was the only federal minister who would explain in detail what his ministry was doing through a special pullout known as ‘The Rural News’ that could be found back then in The Borneo Post,” he said.

“And this is where the problem lies. Sabah BN is so used to the culture of ‘inefficiency’ that it would take seven years to plan and start the building of a hospital or school and another three years to complete it. They could not cope with the energetic and fast pace set by Shafie.”

Loretto said Sabah BN’s culture of inefficiency had prevented the full implementation of development projects in Sabah.

“And what Musa alleged as wasteful projects were actually the many small projects all over the state approved/endorsed by the federal government.

“If the state BN leaders had taken advantage of it, it would have propelled the development of Sabah.

“It is rather unfortunate that Musa cannot see or understand this because he lacks the vision that Shafie has.”

Loretto also contended that what Musa had said amounted to nothing but mere political attack out of his fear over Warisan’s growing support.

“Think about it. If Shafie is such a failed and wasteful federal minister, as alleged by Musa, then other states in Malaysia such as Sarawak, Kedah, Johor, Kelantan and others would be in chorus with what Musa has said.

“But what we see is that only Musa, (assistant finance minister) Ramlee Marhaban and a few desperate Sabah Umno leaders say so.”

Musa, Loretto said, should realise that during his 13 years’ tenure as chief minister, Sabah has been listed by the World Bank as the poorest state in Malaysia.

“Thousands of Sabahans have migrated to West Malaysia for better economic opportunities.

“We are unable to assert ourselves as an equal partner within the federation of Malaysia.

“We allow Putrajaya to control us when it comes to the oil royalty, while the Pakistanis control the micro businesses in the suburban areas.

“Most of all, 200,000 illegal immigrants still roam freely all over Sabah, with a notable increase in Keningau.

“Now, comparing this with the few ‘wasteful projects’, as alleged by Musa, who actually is the failed leader in Sabah?”

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