DAP: BN has broken affordable housing promise from GE13

stephen-wong-bn-affordable-house-sabah-malaysiaKUALA LUMPUR: Barisan Nasional’s promise during the 13th general election (GE13) to provide affordable housing has failed, says DAP.

In BN’s GE13 manifesto, one of the major promises made was building one million affordable houses for the people once it retained power in Putrajaya.

However, the reply given in the Dewan Rakyat yesterday showed that such a promise has failed as only 27% out of one million affordable houses have been built since BN won the the last general election in 2013,” Sabah DAP chairman Stephen Wong said in a statement.

Federal Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Noh Omar, in his reply to a question by Wong, said the government is committed to building one million affordable houses by 2018 which will be sold at RM300,000 and below each.

Wong, who is also Sandakan MP, then criticised the BN government for not honouring its election pledge because it is almost impossible for the government to deliver on its promise within one year before the next general election, with about 730,000 houses yet to be built.

“How can the government complete the construction of more than 700,000 houses within a year?” Wong said.

According to Noh’s reply, the government has outlined a different target for each state.

For instance, in Johor, the target is 128,436 affordable houses to be built by 2018, while in Kedah, the target is 58,440 units, Sarawak 37,915 units, Sabah 72,310 units and Kuala Lumpur 69,762 units.

Wong said it was highly disappointing that out of 72,310 units in Sabah, only 24% or 17,665 units have been built so far.

He pointed out that Sabah has a lower median income level than peninsular Malaysia, however, the state has higher property prices, which made Sabah’s housing the most unaffordable.

According to Institute Rakyat’s research, the affordability index of Sabah housing is the highest at 11.48, twice the national index of 5.78, the DAP statement said further. The affordability index indicates how unaffordable it is for people to buy their own homes based on the housing prices and median salary in each state.

“It shows how difficult it is for a Sabahan to own a house.

“This situation shows that if BN fails to deliver its promise, then it fails to meet the demand of Sabahans, and BN is going to pay a heavy price for its failure,” Wong said.

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