Don’t look down at your own country, urges Najib

najib_malaysia_new_600PETALING JAYA: Najib Razak wants Malaysians to feel that Malaysia is moving towards becoming a better nation and that there is hope for the future, instead of looking down at their own country.

The prime minister said Malaysians should evaluate what had been achieved by Malaysia so far rather than easily be influenced by some politicians who spread lies about their own country.

“Without using their heads, they are being used by the politicians for their own ends.

“They look down on the country and even spread lies and untruths about the country.

“When people come to Malaysia and experience Malaysia, they say: ‘Hey! Malaysia is not a failed state, you should be proud of Malaysia.’”

He said this at a dialogue on Design Thinking and Transformasi Nasional 2050 (TN50) at the fifth anniversary of Genovasi Malaysia here today.

Najib said there are many good things awaiting Malaysians, including TN50.

He said the government must provide Malaysians hope for the future.

“I don’t believe in politics of fear.”

He said you can move people through politics of fear, as was done during the Nazi period in Germany, or by creating a new future.

“That is what TN50 is all about, creating the future that we want for Malaysia … that’s what I believe in.”

Najib said it was also important to realise that resources are limited for every nation.

“But you can leverage on it. You can create a kind of exponential increase in life by injecting creativity and innovation.”

He said he wanted Malaysia to improve and be a leading nation in 20-30 years’ time.