Dzulkifli proud to have survived first year as MACC chief

MACC Chief Dzulkifli Ahmad during the launch of Sahabat Gerah
MACC chief Dzulkifli Ahmad during the launch of Sahabat Gerah

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) chief commissioner Dzulkifli Ahmad says he is proud to have survived his first year as head of the anti-graft body, implying he had a “rough start”.

He said he could now see for himself the kind of support and confidence the people have in him, compared with one year ago.

Dzulkifli started his first day as MACC chief commissioner on Aug 1 last year.

When Dzulkifli took over the role, it was a rather tumultuous time for the MACC, especially in light of the US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) civil forfeiture suit against certain individuals, who allegedly misappropriated over US$3.5 billion of funds from state-owned 1MDB.

“You all have read the news from a year ago and when you compare it to now, you can see the difference.

“The support and the confidence the people now have in me and in the MACC itself (is positive),” Dzulkifli told reporters during the launch of Sahabat Gerah here today.

He said from the feedback he received, many were happy and proud of MACC’s achievements thus far.

“MACC will continue to fight corruption to ensure the agency remains the guardian of the people’s rights,” he said.

Prior to his appointment with the MACC, Dzulkifli was head of the National Revenue Recovery Enforcement Team in the Attorney-General’s Chambers, under Mohamed Apandi Ali.

Dzulkifli took over from Abu Kassim Mohamed, who had served as MACC chief commissioner since Jan 1, 2010.

Abu Kassim meanwhile will continue to serve as an anti-corruption service officer until his mandatory retirement on Dec 6, 2020.

Dzulkifli’s tenure as MACC chief commissioner is until July 31, 2021.

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