77 Kota Marudu farmers receive RM38,500 aid


KOTA MARUDU: A total of 77 farmers, whose crops were affected by the recent El Nino phenomenon here, received financial assistance totalling RM38,500 from the government today.

The assistance, worth RM500 each, is meant to help the recipients who lost their source of income following the prolonged drought in 2016.

Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Maximus Ongkili, when presenting the assistance, said the government would continue to provide aid to lighten the rakyat’s burden.

“Apart from such special aid for farmers, the government has also channelled financial assistance through schemes like the 1Malaysia People’s Aid, assistance for schoolchildren, people with special needs, single parents, the elderly, as well as for those affected by natural disasters,” said the Kota Marudu MP.

He handed over the aid in a ceremony at the Farmers Organisation Authority Malaysia, Kota Marudu branch office.

Also present were Kota Marudu District Officer Arnold Joibi and the Farmers Organisation Authority Malaysia, Kota Marudu branch chairman George Sangkin.

In addition, Ongkili said efforts were undertaken by the government to provide incentives under various schemes to help farmers produce a higher yield.

He said the incentives in the form of fertilisers, weed, pest and disease control chemicals for paddy planting were given to assist the farmers as Kota Marudu was one of the main agricultural centres in the state.

“Higher yields would help farmers improve their livelihood. We should not be ashamed to work on the farm as modern entrepreneurs. It is actually a noble job,” he said.

In another development, Ongkili allocated RM10,000 towards organising a two-day agricultural-based “tamu besar” here.

“Through the event, farmers will be able to earn extra income by selling their products at the open market,” he said.