Siti Kasim takes PAS mouthpiece to court over ‘korban’ reports

siti-kasim-pas1PETALING JAYA: Prominent lawyer-activist Siti Kasim is suing PAS and its mouthpiece Harakah Daily over its reports on her comments regarding the “korban” (sacrifice) ritual during the Muslim Aidiladha celebration.

She uploaded a copy of the letter of demand in a Facebook post this evening, in which she asked for an unqualified apology to be published within 48 hours on Harakah Daily.

The apology should remain at the top of the Harakah Daily website and on a prominent location on its Facebook page for a period of seven days, she added.

She also demanded that the pages with the offending articles be removed from publication along with any archived versions of the respective pages.

Likewise, she asked for an undertaking in lieu of an injunction not to publish the defamatory words or any other words that are defamatory, and for a “reasonable sum” in lieu of damages for the injury to her reputation.

“When they make public accusations against an individual and a woman like me relating to religious matters, it can also be dangerous to my personal safety because today there are many extremists who are willing to act violently against people with whom they do not agree.

“People who make unfounded accusations should be held responsible for their actions,” Siti Kasim said when contacted by FMT.

Siti Kasim’s action followed a report in Harakah Daily on Sept 8 in which Siti Ashah Ghazali, the Kedah state chief of PAS’ women’s wing, urged Siti Kasim not to make heretical statements even if she did not believe in the Quran.

Siti Ashah was responding to a Facebook post by Siti Kasim on Sept 1, in which the lawyer had spoken about the thousands of animals that were slaughtered in God’s name during the Aidiladha festival, saying the ritual was not one of the pillars of Islam.

Siti Kasim said the Quran never said that God told Abraham to kill his son as a sacrifice, and also never said that the dream in which he was instructed to do so was from God.

In her post, she also said the Quran did not demand that Muslims sacrifice the lives of other living creatures because the true sacrifice was one’s personal willingness to submit one’s ego and individual will to God.

However, Siti Ashah accused Siti Kasim of demonstrating her ignorance and degrading her religious belief system.

She said Siti Kasim was religiously dull and insolent, and had insulted the prophet by depicting him as a liar.

“The account of Prophet Abraham being ordered to slaughter his son Prophet Ismail is not a fictional tale but was recorded by God in the Al-Quran,” Siti Ashah was quoted as saying.