Aussie base jumper smashes through glass window in Sibu


SIBU: An Australian base jumper suffered minor injuries on his legs when he smashed through a glass window at the 15th level of Sarawak’s tallest building, Wisma Sanyan, today.

Gary Favre, 42, was doing his trial jump from the top of the 28-storey building during the Sibu International Base Jump 2017 event when the incident occurred about 9am.

“He was given first aid and stabilised at the medical room onsite.

“He was then sent by ambulance to a private medical centre here where he received a few stitches to the cuts on his thigh,” said Sibu division tourism task group chairman Hii Chang Kee.

Hii said accidents do happen during base jumps and the organisers would continue to remind the participants to be extra careful.

He said a safety briefing had already been conducted for the participants yesterday afternoon.

Malaysia Base Jump Association president Aziz Ahmad believed the incident was not due to technical reasons but purely due to bad luck.

“All of the participants are equipped with necessary safety features,” he said.

He said Favre, who had made 420 jumps previously, jumped for the first time in Malaysia today.

A total of 90 jumpers from 18 countries around the world are participating in the annual event, which has been organised since 2009.

The United States has the highest number of jumpers with 23 participants, followed by Australia (17), France (12) and Canada (eight).

In the event, which will go on until Sept 24, a week ahead of the KL Tower International Jump Malaysia, participants will make their way to the top of the 126-metre tall Wisma Sanyan before jumping down, with the aim of safely landing on the ground of the Sibu Town Square.