CCTV camera quality questioned after assault at petrol station

CCTVPETALING JAYA: A 67-year-old British man whose car windows were smashed by two youths at a petrol station on Jalan Kuching yesterday may never see his assailants brought to book as the CCTV cameras there were reportedly of inadequate quality to capture clear images.

Michael Plascow told The Star that the incident had occurred at about 6.30pm after he “lightly sounded” his horn at the youths, who were seated on a motorcycle in front of him.

He said a short while later, as he was facing the credit card machine at the kiosk, the youths began smashing his car windows with a crowbar.

They smashed four of his Land Rover’s windows before returning to their motorcycle and riding away.

Plascow told the daily that the entire incident took place within seconds.

However, police were unable to make out the motorcycle’s number plate or the assailants’ features as the CCTV footage quality was too poor, the report said.

Plascow said without the motorcycle’s number plate or the youths’ identities, the police had “nothing much to go on”.

“The petrol station didn’t invest in decent cameras, which is strange because it is one of the busiest petrol stations on a busy road,” he was quoted as saying.

Unfortunately, the pictures which Plascow managed to take with his mobile phone were also unclear.

Plascow, who has lived in Malaysia for 25 years, also holds permanent resident status.

He told the daily that although Malaysia was a “wonderful country”, incidents like this created a “bad image”.