Death row inmate bites off earlobe of prison warden


PETALING JAYA: A death row inmate chewed off his prison warden’s earlobe at the Bentong Prison in Pahang, NST Online reported.

Bentong district police chief Supt Mohamad Mansor Mohamad Nor said the prisoner, a Liberian, was waiting for his death sentence to be carried out after being found guilty of a drug offence in 2005.

The prisoner was being transported to a different block when he attacked those escorting him at 2.05pm on Wednesday.

He was too strong to be overcome by the warden and four others with him.

In the tussle, he bit off the warden’s left earlobe.

The injured warden was later brought to Hospital Temerloh for treatment.

It is believed the African, 46, was unhappy about being moved to another block where the isolation cells were located.