Test teachers to weed out sexual predators, urges child activist


PETALING JAYA: A child rights activist has recommended that teachers undergo psychological tests during training to weed out sexual predators.

“Doing this test for every teacher in all schools will take too much time.

“It would be better to have the tests conducted during teachers’ training,” said Scott Wong, who is executive director of Suriana, an NGO that promotes and protects the rights of children.

He said it was important for schools to not only screen the education qualification of teachers but also to do background checks for misdemeanour.

He was referring to a recent report in The Star Online about a teacher who was arrested for allegedly raping a Form Two student in a school in Sarawak.

Wong said teachers must also be aware of the behaviour of others working with them.

“The teachers have to be on guard and must also educate students on safety and how to take care of themselves.

“They should be instructed that if any teacher or person asks them to follow them to a place alone or in a car, they must be cautious or say ‘no’.”

In the report, Sarawak CID chief SAC Dev Kumar said the victim’s mother had lodged a report alleging that the teacher had raped the girl in his car at a secluded location in Siburan.

“This matter was brought to the mother’s attention by a teacher at the school where the victim is studying,” he said.

The teacher was arrested at his home by a team from the Padawan CID two hours after the report was lodged.

The suspect has been remanded for seven days for investigations.